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For any question, please do not hesitate to call us, we will answer you with great pleasure.


Who are your clients ?

Professionals and individuals. We mainly work for companies all sectors (banking, insurance, telecommunications, mass distribution, pharmaceutical laboratories, consulting firms, etc.) as well as hotels, reception facilities, event and communication agencies. If our services are mainly aimed at businesses, we also offer our services to individuals (weddings, baptisms, birthdays, etc.).


How much do your services cost?

Our wish is to provide you with a quality service that respects your budget. It is therefore important to provide us with an indication of your budget envelope so that we can provide you with a tailor-made estimate.  Don't worry, our price schedules are based on market prices and the desired type of service are identical for all our customers. Our estimates are clear, precise, detailed and guaranteed without surprise.


Who will take care of my event?

Once the estimate is established, you will exchange with a single contact person in charge of the technical and artistic parts, the staging and the decoration. This person will accompany you throughout your project and will be available to meet all of your needs.


And on D-day who will be there to make sure everything goes well?

Our staff is very experienced and will be fully briefed by the project manager of your event before the start of it. Our goal: that everything is perfect down to the smallest details. For more complex services, we recommend the permanence of a stage manager to coordinate the smooth running of your event.


For the material, who do you work with?

When it comes to technology, we have high-tech equipment in perfect condition. Whether for lights, sound, down to the smallest cable, at SHINING PRODUCTION PARIS we provide you with all the equipment, from A to Z. Our goal: to be perfectly autonomous and bring you peace regarding technical facilities . Because every piece of equipment is available to you! However, we may have to relay on suppliers for certain very specific requests, but rest assured, our service providers are chosen with the greatest care and meet the most stringent requirements.


How long do you need to prepare a quote?

We are aware of your time constraints and we are here to adapt to them. We are therefore committed to responding to all your requests in a maximum of 24 hours. If some commercial proposals require a little more research from our collaborators then, we will keep you informed depending on the complexity of your project. Our goal: to be reactive to offer you unforgettable events.


How long is my quote valid for?

The estimate is valid for one month. However, we review our rates annually and it is therefore unlikely that an estimate will have to be revised, even after the one-month deadline. Nevertheless, we recommend you to confirm as soon as possible so that we can reserve our staff at the earliest, especially in high season: May, June, July, September and December.


What are your opening hours ?

SHINING PRODUCTION PARIS is open 7 days a week and we respond to all last-minute requests.


Who are your artists and your speakers?

All our team members are highly qualified and used to dealing with demanding and high-end clientele. Our hosts are experienced artists, specially trained in our quality standards. They are also used to working together on major events.


I would like to book a DJ… but still?

Inconceivable for us to imagine a DJ without sound system and without lighting! Thus, we always offer you a global package depending on the number of guests and the location chosen.


Do we necessarily have to work with your staff?

Of course, we prefer to provide you with a complete service with our staff. However, it is also possible to rent our equipment (against deposit) if you have qualified personnel to use the technical equipment on site.


Do you work throughout France?

Even if Paris is our most frequent field of intervention, it is possible for us to intervene everywhere in France, on request.


How are the facilities?

We are responsible, in collaboration with the chosen location, for organizing the entire facility according to the time required. It can happen that the installation time available is very short (several events in the same room in the same day for example) and in this case we will have to set up an additional assembly team so that everything is perfect as soon as possible.


How is the delivery of the equipment going?

We deliver the material ourselves for a delivery package applicable in Paris and the close suburbs. The rate of deliveries in the Province will be calculated based on the mileage and the duration of the service.


What are the payment terms?

The conditions of sale appear on the quotations and are adapted according to whether it is a professional or private event. A deposit may be expected upon signature of the quote.

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